Banco BS2 (K2 Partnering - Consulting)
(financial services | +2k employees)
July/2019 - Now Back end developer

Allocated in BS2 bank, a digital bank company.

  • Owner of API banking product (
  • Development APIs using .NET Core, Dapper, Entity Framework and DDD
  • Deploy and development using Docker containers
C&A Modas (Foco em Você - Consulting)
(fashion company | +16k employees Brazil / +50k employees worldwide)
Dec/2018 - June/2019 (7 months) SYSTEM ANALYST

Allocated in C&A Modas, a worldwide fashion company with more than 50 thousand employees arround the world. Only in Brazil has more than 16,000 direct employees

  • Development of integrations solutions using Zendesk, SAP, Oracle and other internal systems
  • Automation of payment/refund process using Adyen gateway
  • Automation of process using .NET Core
  • Develop new features and APIs using NodeJS (Express & HAPI)
  • Develop of an unified library in .NET Core to be used internally by all teams, with commons & utils needs
Editora Inovação LTDA
(content producer / online retail seller | +100 employees)
Jan/2016 - Nov/2018 (3 years) DEVELOPER COORDINATOR

Responsible for the in-house projects of the IT department.

  • Coordinate/support third party associantes
  • Deploy SOLID architecture in projects
  • Implement and evangelize CI/CD methodologies
  • Development of integrations solutions
  • Development of REST APIs for mobile apps
  • Coordinate the development of a CRM system
  • DevOps culture
Editora Inovação EIRELI
(content producer / online retail seller | +100 employees)
Nov/2013-Dec/2015 (2 years) SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ANALYST

Development of paid subscription platform, integration with services and APIs, resource management.

  • Development of REST APIs and MVC projects using .NET stack
  • Integration with VTEX (REST API and SOAP WebService)
  • Integration with payment gateway (MaxiPago)
  • Management of triggers and procedures in SQL Server databases
  • Disaster management and automated backup plans for SQL Server / Windows service and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Editora Inovação LTDA
(content producer - online retail seller | +50 employees)
Nov/2012-Oct/2013 (1 year) IT ANALYST / JR DEVELOPER

Develop content platforms, video portals.

  • Developement of video portals using MVC with Microsoft stack
  • Planning, modeling, implementation and process documentation - ERP
  • Requirements gathering
  • Monitoring and management of SQL Server
Editora Inovação LTDA
(content producer / online retail seller | +50 employees)
Nov/2011-Oct/2012 (1 year) INTERSHIP - IT

Main help desk and support.

  • Developement of e-mails marketings
  • Formatting, maintenance and installation of micro-computers(Windows and Linux Ubuntu)
  • General software installation and configuration
  • Development of system (VB.NET) for management of digital PBX (Total IP)
  • Development of new features, tools and bug fixes in existing projects (classic ASP and PHP)



Analysis and systems development.

SENAC 2009-2011 Technician

Computer technician.

SOS Computadores 2005 Certificate

Computer and network assembly and maintenance course.

CNA 2004-2009 Certificate

English course.



Native brasilian portuguese.
Fluent english.
Basic reading in spanish.

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