Currently working in Talabat (in Dubai, UAE office) which is an online food ordering company, under Agile culture using C# (.NET Core), SQL Server, Circle CI and other tools on the Grocery Fulfillment team.

Previously worked on BS2 bank, for an year and a half. During this period, participated on two teams (PIX and B2B) developing the PIX (Brazilian Instant Payments system), also developing APIs and Open Banking integrations, direct contact with B2B clients, regulatory agencies, other banks and technical teams to provide the best solution for both sides! Using .NET Core, SQL Server, RabbitMQ supported by DDD architecture, SOLID, DRY & KISS principles.

I am excited to contribute my strengths and proficiency in innovation toward your team efforts. As an extroverted and personable communicator with a proven track record in technical writing, my focus on building strong professional relationships has been a valuable asset throughout my career.

Web developer well experienced with C# and JS (both, frontend and backend with NodeJS), working with financial services, e-commerce, integrations, web and desktop solutions since 2012.

I have also worked with PHP since 2007 for freelance jobs.

Check out some projects I worked on:

  • Integration with Western Union for remittance across countries.
  • Digital wallet (payments, transfers, remittance, balance, statement, mobile top-up, credit card).
  • PIX - Brazilian Instantly Payments System (SPI/PIX - BACEN).
  • OpenBanking and BaaS - Banking as a Service.
  • Microservices using gRPC for communication intra-process.
  • Distributed systems using RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka.
  • Gateway integrations with MaxiPago, Adyen and PayPal.
  • OnBoarding and Internet Banking projects for B2B customers.
  • Vitrine do Artesanato (integration) - e-commerce.
  • VTEX e-commerce PaaS (integration).
  • Sankhya ERP (management, analysis, integration).
  • Vitrine do Artesanato Digital - digital video platform (development).
  • Vitrine do Artesanato na TV - digital video content portal (development).
  • Canal do Artesanato - subscription learning platform (development).
  • Zendesk (integration).
  • SAP (integration).
  • Database (management).
  • Agile methodologies.
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • General web development.
  • Some integrations libraries in C#, PHP, Rust and JS, available at https://github.com/guibranco.


Talabat (part of Delivery Hero company) UEA flag
(food ordering services | +1000 employees)
May/2021 - Now Software Engineer / .NET Developer

Working on Grocery Fulfillment team.

FCAmara group Brasil flag
(financial services | +500 employees)
May/2021 - Now Software Engineer / NodeJS Developer

Working on the Open Banking project inside FCamara group.

Grace Kennedy Group (The Bridge Social Chile flag - consulting) Jamaica flag
(financial services | +800 employees)
Feb/2021 - May/2021 (4 months) Software Engineer / .NET Developer

Remotely working for Grace Kennedy Group, the biggest financial & food group in Jamaica and Caribbean area.

  • Remittance integration with Western Union
  • Digital wallet system
  • Building APIs with C# (.NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5), using CosmosDB, Entity Framework Core, Application Insights
  • Agile culture & cerimonies using Scrum and Kanban over Azure DevOps
Farfetch (Multivision - consulting) Portugal flag
(e-commerce platform | +6k employees)
Dec/2020 - May/2021 (6 months) Software Engineer / .NET Developer

Allocated in Farfetch, a leading global platform in the luxury fashion online market.

  • Being part of Search & Scouts team
  • Development of improvements in the search services of the platform
  • Development solutions using Kafka, Cassandra, C# (.NET Core), Elastic Search
  • Agile culture & cerimonies using Scrum and Kanban over Jira
Banco BS2 (K2 Partnering - consulting) Brazil flag
(financial services | +2k employees)
July/2019 - Jan/2021 (1 year and 7 months) Software Engineer / .NET Developer

Allocated in BS2 bank, a digital bank company.

  • Implementation of PIX (Brazilian Instantly payments - BACEN)
  • Development of API banking product (https://devs.bs2.com) - BaaS
  • Development of open banking project
  • Development of APIs using .NET Core, Dapper, Entity Framework and DDD
  • Development of distributed systems using RabbitMQ
  • Deploy and development using Docker containers
  • Supporting clients in integration process
  • Agile culture & cerimonies using Scrum and Kanban over Team Foudantion Services (TFS) and Azure DevOps
C&A Modas (Foco em Você - consulting) Brazil flag
(fashion company | +16k employees Brazil / +50k employees worldwide)
Dec/2018 - June/2019 (7 months) System Analyst / Backend developer / Fullstack developer

Allocated in C&A Modas, a worldwide fashion company with more than 50 thousand employees around the world. Only in Brazil has more than 16,000 direct employees

  • Development of integrations solutions using Zendesk, SAP, Oracle and other internal systems
  • Automation of payment/refund process using Adyen gateway
  • Automation of process using .NET Core
  • Develop new features and APIs using NodeJS (Express & HAPI)
  • Develop of an unified library in .NET Core to be used internally by all teams, with commons & utils needs
  • Agile culture & cerimonies using Scrum and Kanban over Jira
Editora Inovação / Inovação Media Brasil (direct) Brazil flag
(content producer / online retail seller | +100 employees)
Jan/2016 - Nov/2018 (3 years) Development Coordinator

Responsible for the in-house projects of the IT department.

  • Coordinate/support third party associates
  • Deploy SOLID principles in projects
  • Implement and evangelize CI/CD methodologies
  • Development of integrations solutions
  • Development of REST APIs for mobile apps
  • Coordinate the development of a CRM system
  • DevOps culture
  • Agile culture & cerimonies using Scrum and Kanban over Trello and RunRun.It
Nov/2013 - Dec/2015 (2 years) Software Development Analyst

Development of paid subscription platform, integration with services and APIs, resource management.

  • Development of REST APIs and MVC projects using .NET stack
  • Integration with VTEX (REST API and SOAP WebService)
  • Integration with payment gateway (MaxiPago)
  • Management of triggers and procedures in SQL Server databases
  • Disaster management and automated backup plans for SQL Server / Windows service and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Nov/2012 - Oct/2013 (1 year) IT Analyst / JR Developer

Develop content platforms, video portals.

  • Development of video portals using MVC with Microsoft stack
  • Planning, modeling, implementation and process documentation - ERP
  • Requirements gathering
  • Monitoring and management of SQL Server
Nov/2011 - Oct/2012 (1 year) Internship - IT

Main help desk and support.

  • Development of e-mails marketings
  • Formatting, maintenance and installation of micro-computers(Windows and Linux Ubuntu)
  • General software installation and configuration
  • Development of system (VB.NET) for management of digital PBX (Total IP)
  • Development of new features, tools and bug fixes in existing projects (classic ASP and PHP)
Freelancer 2007 - Now Developer / Analyst / Consultant

Work as a freelancer developer/consultant.

  • Acting as an independent consultant for some companies that integrate with VTEX (e-commerce platform)
  • One-off jobs, as a freelancer, using C#, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and also JS for frontend
  • Building integrations between systems using C#


FATEC São Caetano do Sul - Antonio Russo 2011 - 2015 Technologist

Analysis and systems development.

SENAC 2009 - 2011 Technician

Computer technician.

SOS Computadores 2005 Certificate

Computer assembly & maintenance and network course.

CNA 2004 - 2009 Certificate

English course.


  • Portuguese - Native / Bilingual Proficiency.
  • English - Full Professional Proficiency.
  • Spanish - Limited Working Proficiency.